Welcome to the mydays Erlebniswerk.

Flight and race adventures in a different reality.

Virtual flight and race experience – almost as real as real.

Are you ready for a new dimenson of adventures? Are you ready for experiences, which are blurring the boundary between reality and fiction? Are you ready for adventures, which take place in virtual reality but arouse 100 percent of truly emotions? Just make a stop-over or take a pit-stop in the mydays Erlebniswerk.

Authentic simulations, real emotions.

To drive the most demanded racing cars or to fly the greatest aircraft on your own – which was previously the exclusive preserve of professionals is now accessible to everyone. Experience your raising pulse by getting well shaken on the race track if you take a seat in an original Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Feel your heart leaping with joy by landing the Boeing B737 safely at New York’s JFK airport. The flight- and race expreiences appear absolutely authentic – just without any risks during your flight or race.

Climb into the cockpit and get on the controls!

Reserve your flight or race experience now in the form of a mydays adventure-present and become part the mydays Hall of fame of virtual pilots and virtual drivers.