Discover a new reality!

The breathtaking world of virtual adventures awaits you in BIKINI Berlin.

Ready for take off?

The big dream of flying - here it finally comes true for you! Take a seat in an original cockpit of an Airbus A320 or a Boeing B737, get instructed by a professional pilot and fly to one of 24.000 Airports around the world! The on-board instruments: real. The outer conditions like time of day and weather: authentic. The flight feeling: typical Airbus and Boeing. You will only notice in one detail that it is a virtual experience: Even though you land in Rio de Janeiro you will get out of the flight simulator in Berlin.

Race like a pro – on your own or in a duell

Your blood pumps fuel through your veins and you always dreamed of being a race driver – at least for a couple of memorable hours? Fasten your seat belt beacause here is your chance: the only thing accelerating faster than our Formula 1 , Audi R8 GT3 LMS or Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is your fun. After one of our professional drivers taught you the basics of our race simulators you will race with up to 950 hp on a virtual race track of your choice. Alone for yourself- or in a duel with your favourite race buddy. Speed limit? Not here!

The Dawg – hot dogs from the star cook

Those who experience get hungry - of course, this also applies to the virtual reality. Thanks to Michelin star cook Björn Swanson ( famous from the „Golvet“ at Potsdamer Platz) you won´t be hungry for long. The in-house restaurant gives you the possibility to create you own Hotdog only with the most exquisit ingredients. A completely new and unique concept that will satisfy your hunger even after the fastest race.

Inovativ and interactiv shopping

You get out of the cockpit and still can not realise what you have just experienced, so you want to get back to your loved ones and make them just as happy as you are? Then get inspired by our interactive shop touchscreens and navigate yourself in a few easy steps to your personal mydays- experience gift.